It’s Dusty in San Antonio, but Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be

When it comes to dusty environments, San Antonio takes the cake. But just because the outdoor environment is full of dust, it doesn’t mean your home has to be, too. Dust, pollen and other irritants are constantly being introduced into homes. While it is impossible to have a home entirely free of dust, there are things you can do to create a less dusty indoor environment. Reducing dust buildup in your home helps promote healthier indoor air quality and can improve HVAC system efficiency and longevity.

Air Filters

The single best way to control airborne irritants is to routinely replace the air filters in your heating, cooling and ventilation system. An air filter captures airborne particulates and prevents them from entering HVAC equipment. A great rule of thumb is to check your air filters monthly, and replace any filters that have become clogged, or partially clogged, with dust and other debris. While filters are meant to capture dusty particles, a filter that is too clogged prevents good air flow to your central equipment. This forces your heating and cooling equipment to work harder to pull in required air. Overworked fans are prone to burning out, requiring premature repair and replacement.

Maintaining Family Health

Air filters are as important to your family’s health as they are to ensuring that your HVAC equipment is running smoothly and effectively. These devices are what reduce and remove the irritants and allergens in your home’s air environment. While home heating systems are capable of burning some of these particulates, they are not able to remove all of them.

Keeping a Clean System

Most furnaces require open flames to operate. While generally safe, this can cause a potentially hazardous fire when heavy densities of debris are allowed to accumulate. Homeowners who smell burning dust, or suspect a fire within their furnace, should contact an HVAC professional immediately. For massive dust and debris problems, you may consider having your air ducts cleaned.

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