How A Small Investment In A Low-Flow Showerhead Can Yield Significant Energy Savings

If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve energy savings in your home, consider installing a low-flow showerhead. Worried a new fixture means a wimpy shower? Rest assured: Today’s low-flow showerheads offer the soothing blast of the past, thanks to new technology, while saving hot water and money.

If you’re not sure whether a low-flow head might help your household use less hot water, test your current showerhead by placing a one-gallon bucket underneath it. Turn on the water as you normally would, and start your stopwatch. If you fill the one-gallon bucket in fewer than 20 seconds, a low-flow showerhead will probably reduce your home’s hot water consumption.

Here’s an even easier test: Was your current fixture installed before 1992? If so, it probably has a flow rate that far exceeds current federal regulations. You should replace it.

When you are shopping for a new fixture, consider two factors:

  • The flow rate. Those federal rules require showerhead flow rates to be 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or less at 80 pounds per square inch of water pressure. To achieve the most energy savings, choose a fixture with a lower flow rate than 2.5 gpm. Low-flow fixtures go down to about 1.5 gpm.
  • The type of flow. Aerating fixtures infuse air into the water stream to create a mistier shower. Laminar-flow fixtures hit you with individual, concentrated streams of water — they are for folks who like a more powerful shower. Also consider our climate here in the San Antonio area; laminar-flow showerheads create less steam, often making them more comfortable in humid areas.

Beyond that, you can get as fancy (and expensive) or straightforward (and inexpensive) as you like. Bonus features available on some low-flow showerheads include:

  • Manual flow control. Some fixtures include levers that let you adjust the flow rate while you are showering.
  • On-off switches. Some fixtures let you turn off the water at the head while you are shaving or soaping up, boosting your energy savings a bit.

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